Calling ALL College Students!


If you are a college student aged 18-26, you automatically qualify for a special "student" discount toward the annual membership fee for The Christian AOT Network. All college students pay $144 per year/$12 per month. That's $23 off the membership fee for general members.

Christian fraternities and sororities can take advantage of an additional savings by paying $8.99 per month per student for a minimum of 15 students. That's more than $26 off the membership fee for general members.

Student Members receive the following membership perks:
  1. Membership Card - The Christian AOT Network membership card;
  2. Membership Gift - The Christian AOT Network writing pen;
  3. Author Tips and Writing Info - one email blast per month with information regarding writing opportunities [i.e. grants, conferences, contests/fellowships, professional development], writing/marketing, book publishing and/or ministry tips relevant to Christian writers;
  4. Online Fellowship & Technical Support - access to the Christian AOT Back Office which provides an opportunity for Christian writers to communicate with other Christian authors, network, post information about their books, share updates, share tips, share testimonies, share prayer requests and/or get guidance in launching and/or managing a writing ministry; and
  5. Online Internships - choose from a variety of online accounting, broadcast journalism, communications, Internet radio, marketing, networking, public relations and writing internships with The Christian AOT Network .
Make your payment TODAY by clicking on the PAY NOW Button to the right. Your membership begins July 1, 2O11 and ends July 31, 2O12.

Help us recruit new members and earn a few extra $$$!
  • Receive $75 for every fraternity and/or sorority you refer who purchases a group membership.
  • Receive $25 for every person you refer who pays the general membership fee.
  • Receive $15 for every student you refer who pays for a student membership.
NOTE: The person, fraternity and/or sorority submitting the membership application must list your name as the person who suggested they join The Christian AOT Network!